We Own the Night

One of the years best films. Reminiscent of The Departed, but more believable.


Well done and suspenseful. Good acting.

Wild Hogs

Absolutely terrible. Unbelievably bad. I expected more from William H. Macy. What a mess.


Cute family film. Much more enjoyable than expected.


Full of action and good special effects. Exceeded rather mild expectations.

This Christmas

Great acting, entertaining, realistic and a wonderful, wonderful soundtrack.

The Mist

The best horror movie of the year, one of the best films overall of 2007.

The Invisible

Unique storyline. Original. Will keep your attention.

Sweeney Todd

One of the best films of the year even if you are not a fan of the musical. If you are a fan, you will not be offended or disappointed.


Clever, raunchy, good fun. One of the best films of 2007.


Nancy gave this film a thumbs up. Even though fantasy is not her thing, she found the way in which three separate story lines converged. She also thoroughly enjoyed Robert DeNiro's performance.

I found it completely uninteresting and ridiculous. I was trapped at a drive in, unfamiliar with the terrain an so therefore unable to drive out! What a nightmare!

The Simpsons Movie

Typical Simpsons fun. Very entertaining. Well worth the money for the rental and the time spent watching.

The Shooter

Suspenseful, good action film.

Saw 4

Major disappointment. One of the worst movies of the year.

Rush Hour 3

Funny, good addition to the series.

Hannibal Rising

Well told and well acted. Much better than expected.

The Reaping

Sleeper film. Very good. Fresh idea.


What was this piece of garbage? Terrible.

Perfect Stranger

Frightening. Decent movie.


Good start, bad middle, horrible ending.


I loved this movie! The funniest movie of the year.

No Country for Old Men

Everyone loves this movie. I didn't. I just didn't care about the characters. Perhaps I should see it again. I don't want to give up on it.

National Treasure Book of Secrets

Mr. Brooks

Lions for Lambs

Nancy felt that this was a film that everyone should see. "It really made you think. People talk about things and they really don't know what they are talking about."

I thought the permise was great and I loved the scenes with Streep. On the whole, however I keep waiting for something to happen but it never did.

Knocked Up

The Invasion

Hostel Part 2


The Hitcher

Rob Zombie's Halloween

Good Luck Chuck

Georgia Rule

Freedom Writers

Evan Almighty

Epic Movie


Daddy Day Camp

The Comebacks

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

The Brave One

Nancy and I both enjoyed this film. Great acting, very intense, gripping, if hard to watch at times. This was a very original story of revenge.

Bourne Ultimatium

Blades of Glory


Because I Said So

Absolutely one of the most disappointing, unbelieveably bad movies ever made. Who thinks it is ever funny to watch parents joking about their romantic and/or intimate lives with their children? Who? Does anyone really do this?

Rated R

Ball of Fury

American Gangster

Across the Universe


30 Days of Night